Tractor Buyer's Guide

Kioti PX1152 Flexwing Agricultural Tractor in grassy field

Tractor Buyer's Guide

As you weigh your options when you browse the market for a new tractor, there are many factors you should consider. Many different people can benefit from investing in a tractor. Whether you’re a dedicated professional working in the farming industry or a passionate homeowner who cares for a massive property, your work will become much more manageable with the help of a tractor. These durable and efficient machines are specifically built to tackle even the toughest jobs. They’re also capable of directly directing their power through the use of numerous implements and attachments.

We’ve covered the basic considerations below. Visit us at Mo Kan Outdoor Power & Equipment to start shopping. We’re located in Spring Hill, KS serving the Kansas City metro area.

Kioti agricultural tractors side by side in field

Tractor Types

Aside from picking a reliable brand and a specific model, you’ll need to determine which type of tractor is right for your needs. It’s highly important to understand the different types of tractors so you can pick the best on for your intended purpose. You can begin by assessing the size of your property where you’ll be using your machine. This will help you figure out how much ground you’ll need to cover with your tractor. Next, consider what type of work you plan to do.

A few of the most common types include compact utility tractors, standard utility tractors, row crop tractors, and articulated 4WD tractors. For small-scale landscaping work, a compact utility tractor will serve you well. However, if you need a bigger and more powerful setup, you might be better served by a standard utility tractor.

When there’s a very specific type of work you have in mind, consider investing in a row crop tractor, which can handle various large projects in many specialized fields. You’ll even be able to use a wide range of implements, like tillers, spreaders, and so on. The articulated 4WD tractor is the best choice when you need all of the power for all of the tasks. You’ll be gifted superior towing power, maneuverability, and durability with this type of machine.

New vs. Used

Lastly, you’ll want to think about whether you should buy a new or used tractor. Many consumers tend to consider used equipment to be a lesser version in comparison to buying a new model, but that isn't always true. It’s important to remember that these robust machines are built with durability in mind, so they can last for quite some time when they’re properly maintained. In fact, most tractor owners have worked tirelessly to keep their equipment in tip-top shapes. If you happen to be on a tight budget or simply enjoy saving money, a used tractor can be a great option. But if you can afford to acquire a new model and want the peace of mind that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, then that’s an excellent choice as well.

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